April 8th, 2002


fun with cough drops

yup, sore throat is still here. Yay.

AbPsych (yay, I'm really starting to hate that class) and then doctors. Whee. And I'll be chewing on cough drops the whole time...
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and the results on that damned sore throat...


turns out this damned sore throat is most likely strep. Ugh. And to top it off, I got another thing added onto my list of "Things You Do *NOT* Fuck Around With to See If They'll Go Away On Their Own."

The big thing previously on that list is UTI's, and after suffering through the hell that was a kidney infection last fall, I'm not arguing anymore.
And now, I'm told that adults who had strep a lot as kids (as I did, two or three times a winter) are at risk for massive complications from strep as adults, so in other words, I'm not to wait and see if a sore throat gets better before jumping on it either.

Yay. I'm a walking medical disaster. And I think I'll wander off for a nap.
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