April 9th, 2002


miserabling on my situation.

it's a good thing I'm on antibiotics already, because green snot isn't a good sign.

That and I feel even more wasted this morning than I did yesterday morning.

And even though I've been obviously seriously sick (I mean, c'mon, somebody who's napped five or six hours in the afternoon and then gone to bed between nine and eleven that night...), nobody's stepped in and helped me out by doing the dishes. Or at least rinsing the damned dishes off to make it slightly easier for me to do them.

and I have to go to school when I'd prefer not to.

*whine whine complain complain*

this has been your state of the katster report
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I am going to kill bob...

the only reason I came in today is because I didn't get a chance to tell my lab partner that I was severly ill.

so I show up today and he doesn't bother to show up.


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