April 20th, 2002

sleepy, awww

busy busy busy...

Anyway, here i am. it's cal day. I've been running around. I went to see Alex lecture (that was cool!) and now I'm about to go to some function of my department, which is also cool. My feet hurt because I brought the pair of shoes that wasn't quite broken in and then started doing a lot of walking in them...

And Luns convinced a sleep deprived katster to go to San Francisco instead of sleeping, so...I'm a bit tired. I think I'm going to beg out of going with him this evening, and go back to my room and just relax a bit. And go to Other Change of Hobbit if they're still open. Although, for some reason I doubt that will be the case. :(

anyway, that's what's going on in the land of katster. I will have a full trip update in the next week. But the next LJ I post will probably be from Redding, not from Berkeley.

--a very sleep-deprived katster...whose feet hurt too.
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