April 28th, 2002


notes to a self.

I am up way too late.

Things I need to talk about in the next week:

  1. Game tonight, and the fractured fairy tale therein
  2. The trip to Berkeley last weekend
  3. The CHP cruiser and the pancake mix mess
  4. the nature of the depression beast
  5. Life at home.
  6. How to tell people things they don't want to hear
  7. Random goofiness.

So...what do people want to hear about? Any thoughts or ideas?
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dream, thoughtful, quiet


I was bored, and poking through wilwheaton.net and found this quote:

"If imagination is not set to the task of building a creative life, it busies itself with weaving a web of inner fears and doubts, blame and excuse."

-Laurence G. Boldt

This seems to sum up some of my existance...but I'll talk more about it later. there's a lot I'll talk about later, because I've not really been feeling like writing a whole lot as of late. stupid depression beast.
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