May 10th, 2002



*quietly ponders*

I think the story of the scorpion and the crocodile would be appropriate for tonight.

Tthe scorpion needs a ride across the river and asks the crocodile for help, but the crocodile doesn't want to help, because he knows the scorpion most likely will sting and kill him. But the scorpion assures him, "I will never harm you, because if I do, both of us will die. Trust me." So the crocodile relents and gives the scorpion the ride, and halfway across the river, the scorpion stings the crocodile viciously, and as the crocodile begins to die, he says to the scorpion, "Why did you do that? You promised you wouldn't! Now we'll both die!" And the scorpion, as he begins to drown, replies, "I cannot deny my nature."

Or to put it even more succintly, don't expect a leopard to change his spots.

No, I'm not really sure I can talk about it any more terms less vague than that.

G'night LJ world.
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