May 13th, 2002

pissed, angry

white hot anger

I am angry with the world at the moment.

Why, I can't exactly say, because I don't quite understand myself. But it's just the way I feel.

Anyway, don't mind me, it'll be over soon enough. Just more moodswingyness.

Who says: Hard times?
I'm used to them
The speeding planet burns
I'm used to that
My life's so common it disappears
And sometimes even music
Cannot substitute for tears
--Paul Simon, "The Cool, Cool River", Rhythm of the Saints
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    Simon, Paul - The Cool, Cool River

good rant

One of the guys in #c pointed me at this last night ( a friend of his wrote it). I just got around to reading it, and it's definitely worth the read.

The Death of Evangelism.

For the non-Christians, you'll find yourself agreeing to a lot of his points, and for the Christians, you'll prolly find some things to think about here. Hope you like it!
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    Simon, Paul - The Rhythm Of The Saints