May 16th, 2002



Damn, it's Thursday night.

Tomorrow, I think I am going to die. I have a presentation, and a hands-on final in Cisco. Neither is going to be easy. But then again, I sorta brought it upon myself by playing Civ tonight instead of doing my homework.

At least psych is, for all intents and purposes, over tomorrow.

If I can get my nerves under control, I think I'll be fine. But getting my nerves there is the first big problem.

Anyway, I hope I'll do fine, I just need to calm down somewhat and not worry about things.

In other news, I got my finanical aid offer from Berkeley. looks like i get to take out more in loans for my first year in grad school than I managed in my entire time as an undergraduate. Of course, grad school doesn't have nifty things like Pell Grants. Silly, isn't it?

weary. katster is weary.

let me rest.
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    Cox Family - I am Weary (Let Me Rest)