May 28th, 2002

scared, trapped


People fucking with my head when I'm already doing the best I can to fight off paranoia really isn't good for my mental health. Nor is it funny.

Granted, I've not talked about the paranoid feelings, and I don't think I want to. Suffice to say, they're there, and they cause me to read all sorts of bad intentions into what may be harmless acts. So in other words, now is not a good time to fuck with my head, because I'm really not in the proper frame of mind to enjoy them as good jokes.

As it is, I get to try to calm myself down before I'm going to be able to sleep. Yay. Paranoia sucks.
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living on the roller coaster

And now I go to bed, to cry into my pillow again.

It's nights like this that I wish I had a certain shoulder to cry on in reality.

And I wish my brain would stop this roller coaster ride, over and over and over and over...and well, you get the picture.

-tired kat
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