May 29th, 2002


some days it's just not worth chewing through the straps.

yeah. it was one of those lazy and kinda unreal days.

Anyway, I'm off to Berkeley, and I prolly won't be back at the keyboard for quite a while. Leaving early tomorrow (well, early this morning), be back sometime Thursday. I'll prolly make a few posts on my palm (go thelovebug! all hail pocketlj!), but because computers at Berkeley aren't set up for syncing (even though I have a serial sync cable to carry with me now...) you'll have to wait until Thursday to see them.

[edit: Or not.

ah well, there's always notepad on the palm to write in. Not as convient no, but... it works. (I still like pocketlj, and I'm being patient like I was asked to be.) :) ]

and I hate it that I somehow have the idea that telling other people how I feel is a horrible act.

g'night LJ world.
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[PocketLJ] here we go!

[5/29/02 15:48]
So here I am on BART (bart jingle (listen at your own risk...) .We're staying down near Jack London Square. anyway, it's been an utter blast. It looks like I might actually get in the dorms, which means my trip to Halifax just might be a go. anyway, train approaches berekeley, so I gotta go.
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oski, calbear, berkeley

have to laugh at this caption in the daily cal

"UC Berkeley Squirrels are contraception-free and rank number one on the campus squirrel listings Web site, beating Stanford squirrels."

Anyway, I'm having a blast in Berkeley, I bought much jolt and a tie dyed shirt from a vendor on telegraph.

And now, I am about to drag Luns to Jack London, so...

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