July 6th, 2002


wish you were here...

Foggy evening in Halifax.

First, boys who will put up with their girlfriends crying on their shoulder are saints. Boys who will do that while fighting sleepyness and headache should get time off their sentence in purgatory for going above and beyond the call of duty. And it just makes me more and more sure that this is *right*. (Love you, Patrick, when you check this...)

my ankles are starting to hurt. Lotsa walking around Halifax, but I can see why Patrick likes this town. And now I have a much better picture of what's going on in the opening scene of Mindkiller now that I've walked MacDonald Bridge. And yeah, Halifax can get nippy in the summer (though I haven't experienced freezing in June yet). In many ways, it reminds me of my beloved San Francisco.

Yeah, things are going really well. It's hard to believe I leave Thursday.
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