October 7th, 2002


java java java works!

Next turn: katster (X)
Enter X coordinate > 1
Enter Y coordinate > 2
Congratulations, katster wins!
Thanks for playing!

Ahhh, the joys of working java programs... :) Now to document the beast and turn it in. Both pieces of homework I want done tomorrow, i will have time to finish tomorrow. Joy. And I might even be able to make it up to Wright. Even more joy.

But bed for katster now, she wants to start going to bed before it's the next day.
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oooh, sandwich.

For all you sammich net folks out there who don't see Calc all that much...

there's a new community for sandwich.net users: sandwichnet

if you're not a sandwich.net user, and you want good web and email hosting, why don't you check sandwich.net pricing? Trust me, I know the sysadmin, and he's damned good at what he does.
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dream, thoughtful, quiet

one more affirmation before I crash...

I'll write a bit more about the depression beast who snuck up on me a bit later. But I wanted to share this, which i just wrote in an email to Patrick:

"I can program better than my classmates, if I give myself time to think and code. So no more sitting on assignments."

it's the first acknowlegment that I really *do* belong in graduate school. That they maybe *didn't* make a mistake.


We'll see.
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