October 13th, 2002


o/~ take me out to the ballgame o/~

Alright guys. I'm wandering off to the ballgame. Look for somebody either in a tie-dyed t-shirt, a California Golden Bears sweatshirt, or a green plaid jacket (layering is a good thing for evening games at PacBell...) in the left field bleachers.

This is going to be a blast!
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    take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd...

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Hell of a game.

Was biting nails the whole time, sitting in the bleachers is the best place to watch a baseball game, there's a different feel in the air for a playoff game, and Benito Santiago's home run...I called it, sorta. (Turned to my seatmate after they gave Bonds the intentional pass and said, 'Benito'll make 'em pay...")

And Rob Nen made it entirely too close, but pulled it out anyway, and yeah. Definitely worth the money I spent on it.

Giants 4, Cardinals 3, Giants advance to 3-1 in the NLCS.
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