October 14th, 2002


more baseball fandom.

Yay, Benito Santiago won the NLCS MVP.

And it will forever remain in my memory, the sight of a baseball crossing in front of the foul pole and landing somewhere to the right of me in the left field bleachers, and the crowd going wild as Benito rounds the bases. Don't walk Bonds, Benito's up next. :)

Yeah. it feels really really damned good. :) Now to see if I can get my hands on Series tickets.
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And a note unrelated to baseball...

I went over the bandwidth cap.

The letter I got reads "Bandwidth used to or from sites on the Berkeley
campus does not count towards your total."

I was downloading from IP, which is dhcp-50-165.millenium.berkeley.edu


Polite enquiry to rescomp commences.
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