October 25th, 2002

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daring...ask a question...any question

I think I'll join the meme bandwagoneers. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but have been kinda nervous of the questions I'll get, or even worse, that I'll get no questions. But I'm going to trust you guys to come through. You can ask them either here or in the comments and I'll look at them probably on Sunday and answer.

Oh yeah, if you wanna keep your question private, and it doesn't fit in the little box below, email it. I prolly won't be on instant messenger much this weekend.

Have fun...

Poll #70496 ask a question, any question...

So, what's the question you want to ask me?

Note: Seeing as how this allows only one question, if you have more, feel free to email, the email is on my profile page.
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Only in San Francisco...

From the SF Chronicle:

NOW HEAR THIS: Paul Groves, who was singing the role of Belmonte in Wednesday night's performance of "The Abduction From the Seraglio" at the San Francisco Opera, made his scheduled entrance onstage directly after the duet "Vivat Bacchus." Groves wasn't supposed to say anything, but made a slight departure from the libretto.

"Triumph, triumph!" he said, using appropriate numbers of fingers for those who couldn't understand German. "Giants, vier; Angels, drei." Laughter, applause and back to the show.

I love this city...we love our baseball and we love our other pleasures too.
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away from keyboard.

Let's see.

Today: Go to the South Bay, visit with Aris, spend night there.

Saturday: Get up, get on Caltrain, return to the City, hang out with Luns, go see Flugtag

So I'll see you all Saturday night.
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