October 27th, 2002


The weekend so far...

I should sleep.

but I wanted to get the highlights of my weekend down before I forgot.

Friday: Caltrain ride, time with Susie, driving in South Bay, movie night

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Saturday: the RRX, flugtag, crowd phobias, hanging with Luns, Jackie Chan, and home again

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The only thing that sucked is walking into the theater with the Giants up 4-0 and with but three innings left to play, and walking back out with the Giants having lost 6-5. Grr. Oh well, game 7's tomorrow. And Cal lost too. :P

Anyway, that's pretty much it. Bed for me now.
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party hours...


my brain is trying to figure out why my alarm clock reads 2:00 and yet why my post reads 1:00...

and then kat remembers that this is the weekend we get an extra hour to party on Saturday night.

Screw that, though, I'm going to bed.
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bleh, I suck

yeah, I said I'd tackle these tonight, but I don't really feel up to it, so I'll do so tomorrow after homework.

Whee. *fingertwirl* I'd talk more about it (but it's not just the loss, although that on top of everything doesn't help), but I'm not sure talking will do any good at the moment, so it's prolly best to stay quiet.

Anyway, yeah. Back to your regularly scheduled life.
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