November 7th, 2002


getting there

feeling a bit better, though still being slightly behind.

I got assignment 4 finished, so I'm now only about two weeks behind in my java class than closer to a month. most of my assignment for IS 202 due tomorrow is done. I'll maybe turn in my laptop order. (decided to go with a different one, but that one is just cheap enough to allow myself a DVD/CD burner instead of just a DVD player.

Haven't decided for sure, though. Need to do a bit more poking...

First rain tonight too. That's an energizing thing. :)
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The next two weeks...

Today: class, assignment #9 due in 202. Turning in assignment #4 for 255.
Tomorrow: have photo annotation crap finished.
Tomorrow-Sunday: Out to Davis to visit jillcaligirl, my beloved little sister. :)
Saturday: Cal @ Arizona State.
Tuesday: Class again.
November 14th: Class. All hell breaks loose. Assignment #7 due in 255, Assignment #10 due in 202, Assignment #2 (writing) due in 204. At least after this, things settle back down.
November 15: Cal vs. Arizona. Time TBA.
November 19: Class. 5th anniversary of the day my life would never be the same again. (Look for exciting journal entry about this on that day.)
November 21: Class. 24th anniversary of the day the world became a better place, to quote zibblsnrt. (Flattery will get you nowhere, dear.) ;)

That's the next two weeks in a nutshell, hopefully I can sort things and focus enough to actually *do* stuff.

but first, to school, to finish that assignment due in 202. (Do I have to?)
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