December 5th, 2002



Got my second paper back from Samuelson, and this is what she wrote on it:

"I sense a lot of talent & intelligence in you that can be marshalled to greater effect if you let yourself become more disciplined. You are very bright and understand key concepts. You also have a good sense of the big picture. But you need to harness that energy & focus it to be the effective thinker you are capable of. Keep at it. You're doing fine. You can do better."

...whoa. Interestingly enough, this ties into a few discussions zibblsnrt and I were having last night. So I guess that's the goal next semester, to become more disciplined, and not feel like I'm juggling nitroglycerin.
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From my email:

The Berkeley College Republicans are having a party this Friday night at 9pm and, being "compassionate conservatives," they have passed an invitation along to Cal Dems.

Made me giggle a bit.

Anyway, I feel a bit better tonight. Still worried, but I have things spaced a bit easier than I had them. That works.

Now the big thing is getting my paper finished, despite my urges to fall asleep.

If anybody wants to keep me company tonight by talking about privacy on the internet, feel free to drop a comment.