December 10th, 2002


Invoking Patrick...

I went and hung out with Luns again. We didn't do much, except for wait for an hour and a half for a bus that wasn't coming (thank you AC Transit, you suck...) and I got a strange proposition.

This guy walks up to where Luns and I were goofing off. Asks me the time. I look at my watch and tell him.

He stands there for a bit, like he's waiting for the bus. Then he turns to Luns and I again and goes, "Are you married?"

Luns and I look at each other, and both of us kinda just say, "Naw, just friends." I add, "Old friends."

He thinks for a second. Then he goes, "The reason I was asking that is because I think you're beautiful. Would you mind going out on a date with me?"

I say, "No, no, I don't think so."

He goes, "You probably think I'm a dirty old man for asking...."

And I say, "Naw, it's just I have a boyfriend."

"Oh, sorry."

And he wanders away. There are some weird fucking people in this town.

I just hate that sort of situation, because it reminds me of fscking high school...but that's a story in and of itself that I don't really want to get into, because of the pain value. Short of it, is that I came to believe that the words "I love you" were only meant to mock.

...and that's that. Just angry, though.
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Luns' joke

Luns told me a pretty funny joke today.

Once, there was this penguin driving, and his car broke down. So he took it to a mechanic, and the mechanic said, "It's going to be a bit before I can look at it." The penguin agrees and wanders off to a nearby ice cream shop where he gets some ice cream. Now, since penguins don't have fingers, he made quite the mess out of the ice cream and had it all over. The penguin wanders back to the mechanic's shop.

The mechanic is waiting for the penguin, and says, "Looks like you blew a seal..."

And the penguin goes, "Oh, no, I didn't, this is just ice cream!"

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