December 11th, 2002

scared, trapped

pick up, pick up, pick up...

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...waiting is hard. I'm really scared I've gone and blown it again, which would be typical of me.

Anyway, yeah, I was up late last night, and one of the things I did is what I'm scared about. And I hate waiting.

this announcement has been brought to you by kat's depression, serving you since 1997. :P

Anyway, time to get dressed and head off to my crack dealer psychiatrist. See you later.
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smilingkat, halifax, happy

waiting is over

So here I am, outside, connected to AirBears and crying.

But they are tears of joy, not tears of sorrow.

The most difficult thing one can do is to get in a relationship with somebody who is a bit screwy in the head, and God bless the person who can deal with it in a caring manner. And except for the occassional time (we're human after all), he's done so well at dealing with me, and I love him.

That's all.

[edit: Errr, or not. There's something amazing about sitting with a computer in my lap like I'm doing right now, and not having any wires connected to it, and still be able to post to LJ. Ain't technology wonderful?]
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