December 24th, 2002

scared, trapped

Today's minor rant.

Up reading. I should post my thanks to alt.callahans for introducing me to that series in the first place.

It was a busy day. I tumbled out of bed about 1:30 PM (nobody'd woke me) and immediately went over to see my grandmother and my great-grandmother. After that, we sat in the lobby while my mother went to the doctor's, and then it was off to both KMart and the grocery store.

The grocery store is crowded this time of year. I hate it with a passion, because I get hyperaware of people in my space (which triggers panic attacks, I've noticed), and of course none of them are paying much attention, so the attention I have to pay to keep them from smashing carts with me is utterly painful.

My sister is a selfish twat, but what's new? At the grocery store, she decided to buy a can of pringles. All's well and good...excepts she decides to go pay in another line. Instead of either right before or right after Mom, so we can get the two shopping carts we caravaned around the store with unloaded. Then, on the way home, she decides to eat them. I mean, ignoring the fact that I was hungry too (hadn't eaten all day at that point), and the smell was driving me nuts...did she offer to share? No, of course not. Her first.

I hate being at home, I hate being interrupted in the middle of what I'm doing, and I hate having to wait until the freaking middle of the night to even have a chance to think straight. I've been doing a lot of reading, and trying to figure out how I'm going to make it through the next three weeks without doing something drastic either to myself or the parents.

*growl* That's your rant for today.
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there's a few more comments I want to write, but Patrick is beeping my phone at noon, so I should go to bed.

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dreaming again

It was graduate school at SIMS. it was 202 to be precise and we were getting the results of our finals back. The weird thing is that my classmates weren't my SIMS classmates, it was my high school classmates. And I was really ticked to see some of the not-so-bright students in my class getting perfects on that final. (And in the dream, I hadn't.) Folks like Jared and Jennifer, who, while being nice people (well, okay, Jared was, I didn't particularly like the particular Jennifer who got the perfect), still weren't all that smart.

For some reason, making a short movie had become part of the final, and they decided to show Jared's to the class. It was a good movie. But even the 100 on the final didn't get his grade in the class above a C. Ray and Marc were baffled by the time the final took, and we got lectured on stuff like spelling errors, even though we'd wanted to use our laptops.

And then the phone beeped and I returned to reality. I don't understand this dream.
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my grades.

Department Course
Course Title Units Grade Credit

I am slightly disappointed in that B+. I feel like I should have done better. Stupid, no?

I might point out too, that classes at Berkeley are numbered such: 0 courses (classes such as History 5 and NutriSci 10, with the implicit 0 in the front) are lower division undergrad classes. 100 courses (History 105, IDS 110) are upper division undergrad classes. 200 courses (like the three above) are graduate level courses. So it's not horrible, they were hard classes. But I want to do better!

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