January 6th, 2003



How'd it get to be 2 AM?

Bleh. Anyway, I think I'll go start a load of l*ndry, sit in warm bath for a little bit and try to sleep sometime before six. :P

Tomorrow, I want to attempt to do the hundred things meme, and then hit the books.

and I think that's about it. night LJ world.
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California, here's to thee...


It exists; I joined. Yeah, I know, another community on my already massive list, but if you have any association with the first and best of the nine UC campuses, then you should check it out. (And it's a good thing my sister isn't reading LJ, or she'd be giving me an earful about Davis being the best...)

Also interesting is the CalStuff blog. I just discovered this tonight.

Go Bears!
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I agree with Mark Crispin Miller and Jean Chretien. George W. Bush isn't a moron. It'd be so much easier if he was.

Miller goes into much more detail in his book A Bush Dyslexicon. Y'see, Bush never makes one of his malapropisms when he's talking about punishment and retribution. Just watch sometime.

Bush ain't stupid. And the country may be worse off for it.
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