January 22nd, 2003

upset, sad


It'll have passed in the morning, but it hurts like hell right now.

All I want, all I really want right now, is to be able to give zibblsnrt one gigantic great big hug, and just to feel his physical presence again.

It's a very long way to Halifax, and it's a very long time until I get to see him again, and it's been a very long time since I did get to see him...

God is an iron, to put two people so right for one another so goddamn geographically far away. :P
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smilingkat, halifax, happy


American Airlines 3365

Depart - Thu. Jan. 30 7:40 AM
International, San Francisco, CA, US (SFO)

Arrive - Thu. Jan. 30 9:12 AM
John Wayne Intl, Santa Ana, CA, US (SNA)

American Airlines 3366

Depart - Mon. Feb. 3 12:00 PM
John Wayne Intl, Santa Ana, CA, US (SNA)

Arrive - Mon. Feb. 3 1:22 PM
International, San Francisco, CA, US (SFO)

yeah, I'm going to San Diego.. :) gonna visit with jrenken and go to this conference, and just have a blast. Yeah, I know I'm going through John Wayne, because going through San Diego would probably be a silly thing on super bowl weekend. :)
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scared, trapped

i hate this...

yep, I'm sure there's something in this universe that can't stand to see me happy. Because every time I claw back, something steps on my hands.

i'm tired of it.
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