January 23rd, 2003

sleepy, awww

today's thought for the day.

Love is a heavy biaser. You become biased in favour of your SO (or if you're poly, SOs), and sometimes it's hard for anybody involved to think straight.

It's just something that I've realized, that our signifgant others change our perspectives ever so slowly, and it's a neat change, even if the final result is that one person goes after another because of it. Oops.

Anyway, just thinking. I do that. But I should go to bed, because I have class!

(PS: Thank you to whitestar2 who made the icon used in this post, which will be used for my nightly sum up posts unless I feel like using my main icon.) :)
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I want to comment on this, but it's nearly ten, and I'm not dressed for class, and I have class at ten thirty. And Macavity's packed to get shipped back to IBM, so I am temporarily without a computer in the middle of class (the left latch busted sometime last week, but I should have it back before the San Diego trip.)

Anyway, I'll see you all when I get back.
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The wit and wisdom of Doug Tygar, part 1

This should hopefully be an ongoing series when Tygar lectures my 206 class. He's hilarious. If we talk in class we get candy, and he likes to make the class laugh. One of the things he did today was point to an article on CNN about how the US is mailbombing Iraqis in an attempt to get them to defect, and then he said "I used my contacts in the intelligence community to get a copy of the letter" and then proceeded to put up a Nigerian spam-type letter from G.W. Bush...I'd show you, but the slides don't seem to be availiable yet.

Other lines:

"...and hopefully we won't make mistakes like killing Canadians." (Tygar explaining smart dust and the possibility of dusting battlefields with it to identify troops.)

"You can set it to just friends, more than just friends, and ... I can't talk about it." (Tygar talking about an interesting p2p necklace application being played with in Asia.)

"William Shatner was a great actor ... and a good jazz singer too." (Tygar proving even the funniest people sometimes have bad taste. ;)

"It's not twelve o'clock until the last ring." (Tygar on the subject of when class ends).

That's all I was able to catch, but I think I'll start carrying my tape recorder to class. :) This class may kill me, but I'll be laughing the whole way through.
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