February 7th, 2003


cold, tired, and TMI.

it's cold. it's cold and I'm tired. Yeah, it's 48 outside (that's about 8C for our friends in the north), and it's 69 degrees (almost 21 C) in here, and I'm cold.

it's been, euphmisitically, 'that time of month' for two weeks now. That isn't helping my mood, nor my body. So I am not a happy katster. And I'm still a little sore at Mr. Goody Two Shoes, whom, it seems, can't make an apology in private. Ah well, he's not capable of acknowleging I have mood swings either. If he wasn't so good at roleplay, I'd have written him off years ago.

and that's about it.
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    Three Dog Night - Fire Eater