February 8th, 2003

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Just wanted to make him smile when he wakes up...

Today is zibblsnrt's birthday. It's the second we've spent as a couple, and so it's kinda special, even though the number might not be. Last year, I congratulated him on finally being old enough for me to drag him into any bar on the continent. And although there's nothing really special about 22 like there was about 21, it's his day, and so I'm writing this.

So, happy birthday to my dear beloved Patrick, and I hope it's a decent one, if not good. :) I love you.

BTW, Zibb, when you get your new computer up, I've got all those mp3s you wanted...(The song Winamp chose for this message reminded me).
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And now for summing up my day and my week.

Wow. It's Saturday already. I somehow made it through an entire week, and I'm not sure how that happened. Here's a bit going on with me.

1. I found a therapist, and I start going to see her on the 13th of this month. I'm hoping that at least over the next few months that this will be something that will help me ground and become more stable because more and more I'm running into old triggers that keep tripping me up, and so maybe it's time to talk out a lot of the things that have been eating away at me. I'm hoping this will help.

2. My roommate's been missing the last few days. Not that I care, if she doesn't want to come home, it makes it better for me. Being able to wander the apartment half naked has its perks, and I don't have to deal with her and her excessive rules, nor do I have to put up with her incense burning, nor do I have to put up with her general attitude for me. (To my roommate: it wouldn't hurt to get your nose out of the air and talk to me one on one every once in a while, y'know?)

3. Today's Chron was full of interesting articles. There was an article on what I call the "Ghost Fleet" out near Benecia, and an opinion on what to do about intentional walks with regards to Bonds, and some discussion on the latest theory on how Columbia became doomed (and sprites are *cool* even if that's what did her and her crew in). It turns out, again, that it was probably for the best that I was in San Diego and thus couldn't get up to see her come in. Because pretty much all evidence points to whatever happening starting somewhere near or over my beloved San Francisco. (Indeed, there is supposedly a picture in existance of Columbia being hit by a lightning bolt or something taken by a San Francisco photographer from Bernal Heights. They're checking it out. And another interesting thing is that the probability of a shuttle running into one of these sprites was figured at one in every hundred missions. And I don't need to tell you how many missions we've been through.) Anyway, enjoy the articles.

4. My memory for Prufrock is very very broken. (ten thousand errors on a 256 meg chip.)

5. I managed to acquire two baseball bats, one baseball glove, two softballs, and a bag to store it all in for less than $65. Now, next week, I'll hopefully feel up to playing softball for the SIMS team in the EECS graduate league.

6. I think that's about all of it right now. If you've got any more questions, well, y'know where to ask 'em.
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argh, goddamnit, set a cookie that stays for once...

there is one thing about LJ that has been annoying me lately, and that is its tendancy to log me out when I'm not looking, usually after I've closed my browser and reopened it. No, I did not say "When browser closes". I specifically said "Never". I don't turn on the IP address binding because this is a *mobile* computer, and it's regularly on four different networks (reshall, SIMS, OCF, and AirBears -- they're all berkeley.edu, but the IP addresses range). Anyway, thank god I have default view and a high traffic community I don't view, or I'd never have any clue when I've accidentally gotten logged out.

*sigh* Just a peeve of mine, and it seems to be happening a lot lately.
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greetings from downtown Oakland, specifically the corner of Webster and 10th in downtown Oakland.

warchalking is really a fun hobby. Now to really get chalk so I can mark it. :) As for wireless net, if you're dumb enough to leave it open, I am allowed to connect.
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what you missed while you were distracted...

Still in downtown Oakland, but wanted to share this:

The last week, in a handy list. Thanks to tangaroa, who has been doing a good job chronicalling the Bush Administration in a document known as ph33r.txt.

Canada looks more attractive every day, too bad I have committments in the United States up to May 2004.

There's space below for the Bush apologists.
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