February 16th, 2003


to name is to define...

KATRINA f English
Pronounced: ka-TREE-na
Variant of CATRIONA
CATRIONA f Irish, Scottish
Pronounced: ka-TREE-na
Gaelic form of KATHERINE
Pronounced: KATH-ur-in
From the Greek name Aikaterine. The etymology is debated: it could derive from the earlier Greek name Hekaterine, which came from hekateros "each of the two"; it could derive from the name of the goddess HECATE; it could be related to Greek aikia "torture"; or it could be from a Coptic name meaning "my consecration of your name". The Romans falsely derived it from Greek katharos "pure" and changed their spelling from Katerina to Katharina to reflect this. The name belonged to a 4th-century saint and martyr from Alexandria who was tortured on the famous Catherine wheel. This name was also borne by two empresses of Russia, including Catherine the Great, and by three of Henry VIII's wives.
HECATE f Greek Mythology (Latinized)
Possibly derived from Greek hekas meaning "far off". In Greek mythology Hecate was a goddess associated with witchcraft, tombs, demons and the underworld.

Two things I didn't know prior to this: first, that the given form of my name is an English transliteration of an Irish/Scottish Gaelic mangling of an English name. Second, that the actual etimology of my name means possible different things, and that the commonly used 'pure' isn't exactly right. I thought that was kinda neat. So yeah, this site is cool. http://www.behindthename.com/

What does your name mean?
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She's not allowed to do that. %)

"This information is provide for clarification purposes only. The following actions are prohibited:"


"8. Flammables"


"C. Use of any object creating an open flame in the residential facilities, including the balconies and entryways to the building. Examples include candles, incense, matches, lighters, and flame starters." [Emphasis added]

bwah ha ha. got her. That's Housing's rules, and we're in residential housing of the university. But it specifically prevents her doing what she's doing, and I am very happy about this. :)

I wish there was a "smug" mood. But this one will work fine. %)
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