February 17th, 2003


dreaming again

Well, this one was odd. Somehow SIMS was located at my elementary school (Meadow Lane). So for some reason, Dean Varian was helping to teach some of my 208 section today when we got the order to evacuate the classroom. (I'd somehow forgotten to bring my computer, maybe because I also forgot to hang up the phone on zibblsnrt, who, in the dream, I called right before class.

Anyway, we get out to the playground, and we see one of those big huge military jets very low in the air. And then all of a sudden it spirals into the ground. This leads to a march through streets (and me getting all upset when Dean Varian insisted it was a terrorist act) where people had juice and cupcakes all ready, as if they *knew* this was going to happen.

Odd. Very odd.