February 18th, 2003

smilingkat, halifax, happy

softball and other mania.

utterly desperate slide into second.

I was on second base, and somebody hit a long looping fly ball into the outfield. Caught. I tried to tag, but I'm a slow runner, and the ball came in much faster than I was expecting. So I dived for the base, and was safe by my fingertips brushing the base. Barely. It was probably the most exciting play of the whole night.

unfortunately, a combination of a chillier than usual Berkeley night and a lack of proper stretches, probably combined with too much throwing made me gimpy from the moment I attempted to run to first. It was a surprise I made it to second, and I got put out easily on the way to third. The running is something I need to work on, I think.

Tomorrow night is when my team plays, I hope this gimpyness has cleared up by then.

Luns came by and installed a multimedia reader and USB ports on the front of my machine. That's why I'm up so late. But I think I'll go to bed now.

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