February 20th, 2003

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Yeah...Berkeley is one of the domains being blocked because of the DDoS on LJ. Thus, I can only get through via sandwich.net, and reading LJ on lynx is *painful*. Thusly, I'm going to be not reading LJ until Berkeley's access to LJ is restored.

Fucking script kiddies.

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stupid skript kiddies and GBS

Hmmm...yeah, it's easier to post than to read. I have sclj (a perl LJ client) in my shell on herring. (Note: bug jrenken to install a couple of the LJ command line clients on herring...)

Anyway, yeah, the reason I know about the DDoS attacks is this: status.livejournal.com. Bookmark it, it's useful.


Another thought. Great Big Sea is coming to San Francisco again, and for once I'm going to be in the Bay Area to see them! (Well, yeah, it's the Saturday my Spring Break starts, but Mom and Dad can just deal with waiting to see me until Sunday.) Might there be anybody in the Bay Area reading this that might want to come with me?

Email me, or drop a comment since they get email to me. The email address in my profile is valid.


That's about it. So I'm signing off for now.

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