February 25th, 2003


anybody get the number of the truck that hit me?


Listening to NPR. They were talking about small religious groups (ie, monestaries and convents) and selling their wares on the Internet. And they had somebody at the University of Washington who studies that sort of thing, and god dammit, I wish I'd caught a name, because that's the sort of thing that I'm interested in. The sociological and cultural effect of the Internet, that's the kinda thing I'm interested in.

(*giggles* as they mention Berkeley's class on Tupac Shapur...as if it's a serious educational class. Well, it is, but it's also a DeCal class, which means it's student run and student directed. DeCal stands for Democratic Education at Cal, and although it's probably a unique thing that you can get course credit for student taught classes, it's not quite the same as a serious class taught by university professors. Although, university professors have to grant their okay to a student for a DeCal class to go. But seriously, this report is about rap and how it's helping urban high school students understand classic poetry. It's pretty neat.)

Anyway, off to study for my test this morning and see if I can sorta get myself to wake up. I feel like crap.

*yawn* again and toddles off...
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sleepy, awww


Oh yeah, I forgot.

March twenty second two thousand and three. City of San Francisco. (actually, Slim's, but it's in San Francisco.)

and I get to see the band who once jammed with zibblsnrt's brother. Finally. :)


now it is time to study!
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exam time

That went better than the last one.

Now to explain to Glushko why my homework isn't done and why I need some extra time on it.

But this is doable. One step at a time.
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Heh heh heh

Those of you who were around in May of 2001 might remember this little gem on the Bay Area rugby rivalry.

Well...Stanford finally decided to play us again, and we kept the Scrum Axe once again by pasting the Cardinal 98-0. Biggest win in the history of the rivalry.

In other rivalry news, we must thank the Cardinal for keeping the Axe for seven years so that everybody's forgotten tradition over here at Cal. Check out this article on Rally Committee. Yeah, the stupid university put Rally up on charges of "disrupting classes". At least that's over, but there's a little blurb in today's Daily Cal about how if we do it again next year, we're in much more serious trouble. You *morons*! It's tradition to disrupt class to celebrate the return of the Axe! We're not the Students for Justice Against Palestine, who took over Wheeler for hours? We're gone in mere moments! :P

anyway, that's today's rant on the spirit at Cal. Back to your regularly scheduled LJ.
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It isn't softball if you don't come home filthy

and I did. Granted, I was put out on the play, but I made a diving headfirst slide into the bag (and did two rolls so I ended up *filthy*).

I played first. I did well. I made one error, but that was okay, because I made some nice catches at the bag (including a nice foot reverse to get a foot on the bag) and I made one smart play where it was more important to stop the ball than get the runner out, so I came off the bag. And one nice catch in foul territory.

Unfortunately, the seven deadly SIMS were handed their fourth loss of the season, and are still looking for win #1. (and the play at the plate was sorta stupid, I shouldn't have gone for it.) But the point is, to have fun, and I definitely did. I play all out, and I'm not happy if I don't get filthy at some point.


mood: dirty, as in covered in dirt. :)
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