March 2nd, 2003

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well, here's the thing.

Most of you know that my roommate now is a complete and utter bitch. Most of you don't know, that in the course of a year, that everybody has moved out of my original suite (me first, because I couldn't live with Kai, Kai flunked out of school, and Alexis decided she'd rather be on the east coast going to school, which left Jesse.)

I went to go pick up a package from across the street, and ran into the Resident director that moved me out with Kai in the first place. She asked how it was going, and I said, 'I hate my roommate, but I think that's normal.', and we got talking about the old place, and she made a suggestion that floored me.

"Well, if you're not happy where you are, why don't you move back in downstairs?"


And considering Luns isn't going to be ready to move as of June 1st, which means that I may be spending one more month with Jamila than I'd planned...

But I'm not sure. Moving's a hassle. I still need to go talk to Jesse to see how he'd feel about it. And I'm not sure.

So in that spirit, a poll...

Poll #107952 Moving

Should I move back downstairs?


Why/Why not?

If it doesn't fit, leave a comment.
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does your answer in the last post change if I suddenly find out that Kai is a regular visitor to downstairs?

[I should point out for those not familiar with my saga that Kai is pretty much the entire reason I moved out last fall.]
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musing on the edge of war...

Kevin Fox. I don't know how I stumbled across his blog in the first place (IIRC, it was phenyx's fault, but I added his page to my syndication when syndication started on LJ (furydotcom for those of you who are curious), but today, he had this very long and interesting thought.

The short of it, is that now is seriously the point where I'm really seriously starting to look north. To be utterly honest, I'm not sure there's anything here for me anymore, but then again, I'm not sure where on this godforsaken rock I can get away from it? And nobody really seems to understand?

As Kevin put it:
" Our government has told the world that they're either with us or against us, and if they don't like the way we run the world, well, then they just might be next on our list. This is the same ultimatum that's also being given to the people of our country.

"How wrong is it that I fear a repeat election in 2004 more than anything that Iraq, Al Qaeda, or even North Korea could do?

"How can we stop this ride? I want to get off."

How do we stop it? :P
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