March 4th, 2003


because I'm bandwagoning

I ____ katster.
katster is ____.
If I were alone in a room with katster, I would _______.
I think katster should _____.
katster needs ______.
I want to ____________ katster.
I want katster to _______ [for me.] (I'm swiping kightp's idea of making "for me" optional.)

anyway, feel free to be as harsh as you want, and I'll try getting to everybody else's in the next few days. Email's fine too, if'n ye need to know. :)
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    Paul McCartney - Band On The Run

another game, another loss

We have an awesome infield.

I made some good plays at first.

I hit like shit. :P

And there's always one play I fsck up on.

Oh well. Life goes on.

Other thoughts forthcoming when I find time to make them.
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    the Who - Behind Blue Eyes