March 9th, 2003


my head is odd...

gah screwy dreams...

basically, it started off at Pac Bell park, where I read Rose was looking for a place to play baseball. Then I somehow ended up on my way to Arizona with Mark McGwire, who was worried that he might be traded for Rose ("but I didn't tell you that.") and we're talking, and my old HS English teacher (the female one) pulls up in her car, and I guess she's fairly high up in the Diamondbacks organization, and starts talking about trade deals, and I ask about Rose, and she looks at me suspiciously (like McGwire's been sharing the trade rumours) and I pointed out I'd read an article and was curious, and got into a long discussion about possible trades.

So we get the the Diamondback's home stadium, and my English teacher backs in, and a car pulls up in front of us, and my god, Pete Rose is in it. At this point, my English teacher shooes me off, and I get asked by somebody (a female, a soccer player, who apperantly plays for the Dbacks, and whom I knew) asked me if I wanted to see the stadium, and I said yeah, and we somehow ended up in the movie theater, where I sat down in front of Robin and Lucy (two people whom I'd known from HS) and they're upset because I dared sit in front of them, so we had a huge argument in whispers, where I was being petulant 'cause I didn't want to move (and there weren't better seats in the theatre) and them getting upset, and I'm not sure if it was me or the fact that somebody sat in front of them that made them more upset.

and then I woke up...bleh. screwy.
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