March 11th, 2003

gravity, surreal

fun with medication

...well, that was fun.

Nearly took my Klonopin instead of my thyroid medication. That would have been a huge "oops." Luckily, I ran the pill along my tongue like I'm prone to do, and it wasn't sweet, and thyroid medication is sweet, so I saved myself from having to go to school with an anti-anxiety med that does a damned good job of knocking me out in the system.

Confusion happened because there are three bottles of similiar size running around my desk, and I forgot to look at either the bottle or the pill when fishing it out. (Because, if I'd looked, the Klonopin is pink and the thyroid medication is purple. The third set of pills is white, which caused me some grief once before my thyroid dosage was upped, because that was a white pill before too.)

Yay, it's fun being ill.
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