March 19th, 2003


Our tears all taste of salt.

Grief is a common bond. Neither riches nor poverty, religion nor origin are sufficient to make our experiences significantly different. In dreadful personal loss, we find we share a simple humanity. Our tears all taste of salt.
        --Peter de Jager,

It's a thought that comes from alt.callahans tonight, and I'm thinking of it for one simple reason. My mom has dysthymia. A constant lowlevel depression. Basically, it's the "all depression all the time" channel. She's probably had it for years.

So I'm coming to the terms that my messed up in the headness comes not from emotional abuse, or at least, not on purpose, and I think abuse is done on purpose, and not accidentally. It was neither her nor my fault, it's just an accident of fucked up brain chemistry. My parents want the best for me, but they're human, and so they're falliable.

And this makes me taste the salt on my cheeks, and the tears fall like rain. I don't know why this makes me grieve, but it does.

And that's all I have to say about this right now.
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no more good guys.


I'm sitting in a cafe at the corner of Bancroft and Telegraph, one of the busiest intersections in town. Life's going on as normal, people are doing what they need to do, the busses are running, all of that.

But I'm scared of what's going to happen in the next few hours, when my nation finally stops being the good guy. Not that Saddam is the good guy either. I think this is going to be a war in which there are no good guys.

There are no good guys. My world is a colder and bleaker place today.

I think that's all I want to say on this.

[PS: thanks to rickvs for the icon used on this post.]
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The Axis of Evil -- Iraq, North Korea, and...

And now that France has joined Iraq, North Korea, and California as part of the Axis of Evil, one has to wonder when Reps. Jones and Ney (the ones who got Freedom Fries put on Washington DC menus) will start calling for the burning of French-language Bibles.
     --Kevin Dawson, Iraqi and Bullwinkle, Democratic Underground.

While I've soured on the site, and the article is only middling funny, I did get a kick out of California being part of the Axis of Evil. Trust me, being a Californian (and a native to boot!), it feels that way at times. Between energy crisis and being the part of the country North Korea might just be able to reach with a nuke, it's not so much fun in the Golden State these days. And since it seems Bush wants to ignore us as much as possible (granted, that's funny, given that this is where his hero, Ronald Reagan, was once governor, and that we're the state where the most infamous president of modern times, one Richard Nixon, was born, and it's in those two adminstrations where most of his current senior advisors cut their teeth), it seems just odd in general

So maybe this is it, we're secretly part of the Axis of Evil. It would figure. ;)
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