March 21st, 2003

upset, sad

i don't wanna believe this all is real...

shock and awe.

am practicing new phrase: "Je suis un Canadien".

Oh yeah. irony of ironies. My US passport showed up at my parent's house on Wednesday. The day this latest mess happened.

Unfortunately, I can't go hide my head under the covers, because I have things to do today. But I want to.

I love my country, I hate my government, I hope all the troops come home safely.

That's about it. *grief*
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things that trap me in my room.

oh joyee.

my roommate's mother is here. And I need to get going. Fsck.

my roommate's mother is about the only person who is more of a bitch than my roommate, at least I see where my roommate gets it from.
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fun times at la casa de Kat.

guess what my roommate found in the kitchen.

guess what she says we should do now.

yeah, seal everything we buy, because, y'know, there might be holes in the bags that would allow the ants to get to the food...

my roommate is an idiot.
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