April 2nd, 2003



SIMS softball won. I got dirty, had two good hits, and made a couple headup plays (including one charge into right field after an overthrown ball). And I scored a run. And we defeated the other team 25-24 on a two out rally with the key hit coming by OC. And I am a very good first baseman. :)

but I'm still not totally happy.

although I'm getting the idea SIMS isn't really what anybody expected it to be, and I'm wondering where to fit my interests in.

Anyway, I'd better get to bed so I can have some sleep tonight.

if I can even get that paper done.
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scared, trapped

fucking school


Y'wouldn't think one assignment would be so difficult. Y'wouldn't think.

And here I am sitting, staring at a blank word processor window, and just about to scream.

Might as well have just asked me to go climb fucking Everest.

Well, back to work. This has been a katster screaming update.

[Comments turned off, because I doubt anybody cares anyway.]
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i finished the goddamn paper. Now to walk over to South Hall and turn it in, and then find ways to get people to fill out my survey in the OCF.

yeah, I'm not going to classes today. Next week will be better, this week my needs take priority over class.

anyway, I'm off.

See you around later, maybe.

[edit: whee, accidentally picked little instead of logo. Fixed now.]
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