April 3rd, 2003



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I'm interested in whether Patrick agrees.

Speaking of Patrick, I'm very happy for him. But I'll let him tell his news. :)

I'm sitting in a SIMS curriculum meeting. I think I know what my problem with SIMS is. The master's degree is the professional degree; the doctorate degree is for academia. Guess which program I should be in, as opposed to what program I'm in. Although I should really talk to Lyman and Van House and Davis about which way I should really be going for next fall. And I'm not totally sure whether I want to go for a doctorate or not. Do I really want to do *more* school?

And of course there's the whole world scene, and it looks pretty scary.

Speaking of which, how many other people are depressed at the moment? I was told something the other day, and I'd like to test the theory.

Anyway, I'll put this up for now.

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a sobering pro-war essay

Sobering. While I still think there was a right way and a wrong way to handle Iraq, and I'm still pretty sure we took the wrong way, this is as sober and well-reasoned an arguement for the war as I've read. I'd like to get zibblsnrt's and a few other folk's commentary on it, though.

(Thanks to zorbathut for the link.)
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and since I'm all about the fairness doctrine...

One of the best anti-war statements I've seen. Again, while I'm not totally sure on this war thing (and now that we're there, I just hope we can go in there, do what we need to do with a minimal loss of life on both sides, and get out. I don't like the sounds I'm hearing from Washington about hanging onto Iraq. Iraq should be turned over to the UN ASAP.), I think this is pretty much an accurate summation about why I don't think we should be there.

(yanked from kightp, I just forgot about it until now.)
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