April 5th, 2003


weather report

The fog in my head is lifting.


There's a bunch of things I want to write about, but none of them are coherently settling, so I'll let it sift a while longer.

Sleep now.
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whee, more crazy dreams.

Okay. Why does my head do crazy things like put Dick Cheney at the Democratic Convention?

There were references to the Star Chamber too, especially when he decided to tape record the whole thing. And he got booed quite readily, everybody knew who he was.

This after a night where I was angry at my cousin 'cause she wouldn't let me get a cold soft drink out of the minifridge in the driveway, got yelled at by my mom for that whole mess even though it wasn't my fault, remembered in the middle of it that I was an adult and went stomping off, which only got me into more trouble. Earlier that night, I'd IRC'd, and found a reader I'd put together. And came up with the horrible idea of GURPS Rifts.

And then later that night, I took the car and drove to the nearby convience store, and somebody hit me. The damage wasn't that bad, and she kept offering to pay me for it, but I wanted her insurance information. So she attempted to get in, and I got in too and told her that if she drove off I'd call the cops for hit and run.

So she pushed me out of the car, and drove off and I read her license plate and called the cops. Somehow, I ended up with her insurance information anyway, don't ask me how. So I had to talk to the cops. And they said they'd get her.

And then next thing I know, I'm emceeing the Democratic convention. They seemed to like me, and then later, I was able to join the celebrities, and got to meet Aaron Sorkin (although I still haven't seen an ep of the show...unless that's the one I got where the First Lady and her daughter decide to have quality time...). And then Dick Cheney showed up, and I had to destroy his tape recorder.

And then it was time to get up.

Gah, all these complicated dreams....when I dream at all.
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