April 12th, 2003

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snippit of a thought...

The calls of evening prayer echoed throughout the streets of Zagref, one of the major cities of the province of Romana. Men quietly removed their caps, females shushed their children, and even the street urchins stopped what they were doing. Wafed on the wind, the cry, "It is the prayer of Romana for the peace of the world, the prayer of Romana for the peace of the world."

It had been a long time since the words had been brought to Romana, back when it was the mightiest nation on the planet. And then a Wizard had made an apperance in Zagref, and it was his words that inspired the call to evening prayer. It was his words that had brought religion to Romana. He had told them that one day Romana would no longer be so mighty, and it would remember these days and chafe to be free of the rope which bound it. And in those days, he said, a great sin would be committed, unless the prayers were said. For the peace of the world, for the world would play an important part.

The mightiest nations fall indeed. It was not long before the barbarian hordes would sack Zagref and Karzai, and Romana was bound into a kingdom ruled by the barbarians. There had been many kings and many conquests, but the prayer still lived on. Even in these days, when the cruel King Reyjavik sucked the life and the wealth from Romana to enhance his capital.

And it was not in the streets of Zagref, but in a land far away, where the great sin was avoided. But to understand, there are stories I must tell you of the world, of Romana and Yttria and the lands of King Reyjavik and King Mark and of the Council of Sorcerers.

For magic is afoot in the world, and the prayers of Romana can mean the peace of the world.
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