April 17th, 2003



I have this awful fear sometime that if I stop reading, I stop dreaming.

At least the latest dream was based on an idea in the Phillip Pullman series I just got done reading.

The dream before had a lot of craziness in it, and I'm not sure how the big book of comics I made for an English class supposedly has anything to do with anything. And kids who couldn't be wizards for Halloween, and as I said, all sorts of crazy stuff. I'm probably the only person who dreams they're reading something.
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from my class notes in my hard CS-type class...

Wedding example.

Parties identify themselves.
"Alice, do you marry Bob?"
Possible answers: Yes/No/No Response
if yes, this is the point of no return. Local commitment.
"Bob, do you marry Alice?"
Possible answers: Yes/No/No Reponse
if no, Alice is off the hook. This is an atomic priniple.
if yes, priest says "By the power invested in me by the State of California, I pronounce you husband and wife"
this is commitment, and this passes the ACID test.
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this gave me a laugh...

johnpalmer, in alt.callahans, wrote:

> I think due consideration should be given to this idea, but,
>let's face it. The current regime in Iraq has lied to the United
>Nations many a time, and is known to harbor weapons of mass
>destruction. Can they be trusted?

...and I fell over laughing. So true, so true... :)

(gotta find the humour where I can...)
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