April 22nd, 2003


the day to day

Summing it all up...

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And that's the status of the katster at the moment

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pissed, angry

rant rant rant rant gah!

[Thanks to Kevin Fox for bringing this to my attention. You can get his blog as an syndicated feed by friending furydotcom.]

This is scary. It looks like Bush plans to leverage September 11th as a campaign re-election tool. *shudder*

From that same article, this bothers me.

"For example, when the Democrat that many of Mr. Bush's advisers see as the most likely to win the nomination, Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, said in New Hampshire that it was time for a 'regime change' in the United States, Republican organizations orchestrated attacks on Mr. Kerry. That forced Mr. Kerry to explain his remarks for a week.

"In assessing Mr. Bush's potential opponents, Mr. Bush's advisers said Mr. Kerry could be presented as ideologically and culturally out of step, both because of his liberal positions on some issues as well as his Boston lineage and what some Bush advisers described as his haughty air.

"Marc Racicot, the Republican national chairman, said recently that Mr. Kerry 'is going to have a hard time translating out of New England.' Another Bush adviser said of Mr. Kerry, 'He looks French.'"

...stupid republicans using "He looks French." as an *insult*. *sigh* And the Republicans say the *Democrats* are politically motivated :P
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upset, sad


What's it matter anyway?

Sitting on the steps of South Hall, and I only got two acknowledgements that I was even there, from one student and one teacher.

who the hell am I trying to kid? I don't belong here. I don't belong here. I don't think I belong anywhere.

sickening dread.


and all that remains is me. Good ol' Kat. Who blends in with the scenery and can never manage to keep herself together.

all that remains is me. lonely me.
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