April 29th, 2003

gravity, surreal

Observations about my roommate.

My roommate is an alien.

It's 3 AM, and no sane person should be awake...and she is. At least, I can see the light under her door, and I heard the door squeak several times when I was in the bathroom enjoying my shower.

And she'll be back up at six to go to classes.

Not human. :)

[What am I doing up? Well, first of all, I never said I was sane, and second of all, I'm working on the homework problem from hell. Mainly trying to figure out this program that implements RSA so I can test it. Although at four, I might go to sleep for a couple hours, because my manic-depressiveness is not going to tolerate an all-nighter.]
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scared, trapped

sucks to be katster

RSA encryption is fscking complicated.

And Glushko is still playing favourites.

Yeah. it sucks.
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It's been an amusing morning.

[09:03] <katster> The code for RSA and what I want to do might as well be on seperate planets though.
[09:03] <katster> I know key length is based on p and q (well, n, which is p*q), but I can't seem to figure out how to change the sizes of p and q in the code.
[09:04] <katster> RSA is really a case of minding your p's and q's. ;)
[09:04] <Chamelaeon> Quite. ^_^
[09:05] <katster> but they make p and q equal to 10^100, and then run it through a bunch of transforms, and figuring out bits and bytes and keylengths from that is ...well, starting to drive me nuts.
[09:08] <Chamelaeon> Sadly I only know the math side, and not the implementation yet.
[09:08] <katster> yeah.
[09:08] <katster> and I am *not* a java programmer.
[09:11] <katster> okay. if keylength is somehow equivalent to the number of digits in n...
[09:13] * Ardweden parsed that as jedi programmer. She must be tired.
[09:13] <katster> and he generates a keylength of 10^200 (or thereabouts), then is the key 200 bits.
[09:13] <katster> Ard: me too.
[09:13] <Atom> Jedi Programmer! Best concept ever.
[09:13] <Ardweden> Oh, so it's not just me.
[09:13] * katster got three hours of sleep last night. :) Should have only got two, but I managed to shut the alarm off in my sleep.
[09:14] <katster> I wish I was a jedi programmer. Then I could use the Force to do my homework.
[09:14] <Atom> Use the Force katster. Calculus IS your father.
[09:15] <katster> ...wow, that would involve lots of time traveling paradoxes, considering I'm six or seven years older than Cal. :)

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Cinfo% nice +19 java RSA_Cryptosystem
Enter n, where 256*n will get your keysize: 5
It took 97790 milliseconds to create the keys.
It took 51 milliseconds to encrypt the message.
It took 3631 milliseconds to decrypt the message.

...painfully slow, but...

homework is nearing completion...and it's only 3 hours late at the moment...

I wonder if the TMBG concert guys would let me have my laptop in the club. It'd be a way to get homework done.

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scared, trapped

dealing with instructors who don't like me...

waiting on a data run, sorta trying to pay attention in class. It's not holding my interest. Granted, I'm half-asleep too.

I like Brian, and he's doing his best, and he took a lot of time to help me out on Friday, and I owe him.

It's the other instructor I'm not so fond of.

You've seen me mention Glushko around. I'm pretty annoyed with him. Because it's obvious he plays favourites. And it's obvious that I'm not one of his favourites. He can't even manage to acknowledge that I exist. I first noticed this last Thursday at Parker's attempt at disproving that there's no such thing as a free lunch. (He rolled out the barbecue and grilled food left over from Cal Day.)

Well, Glushko was there. He smoozes with students. And he repeatedly pulled people aside to talk to them. But when I attempted to get into a general conversation he was holding with somebody else, he proceeded to ignore anything I said. And so I've been watching and seeing him in the labs, and he'll go talk to other students, but he's not said a word to me. Not a single word. Not even 'hi'. Grr. It really bothers me and something needs to be done.

So...what do I do now? does anybody have any advice? How do I let him know that he's not being fair?

Then again, I'm not a true disciple of the XML way, so there's probably no hope for me.
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