May 12th, 2003

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I hate Microsoft word.

I was writing my final report in word. I was doing pretty good. Had fifteen pages, was cruising towards *done* and...well...I hate word. Here's what happened.

Since this is a final report, it's dependent on a lot of other things I was doing. They're all saved with the class number in front, so I can find them easily. Since I'm getting close to the end, I decide, well, I don't need a couple of the other documents open anymore. I went to close them.
I hit the wrong button [The big red X in word, not the little X to close the document.) I compounded my error when it asked 'Would you like to save 208 Final Report', I thought it was asking about a different document (I had just been tinkering and was attempting to close '208 Progress Report') and hit no before I realized which document it was asking me about.

So three or four hours of work gone because I was an idiot.

Did I mention it's due tomorrow?

Will somebody please shoot me now and put me out of my misery?
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skewl stuff.

So, I have one class down. A second class will be down tomorrow morning.

And the professors were merciful. So I have until Wednesday morning to reconsititute my final paper.

And the presentation kicked much ass. I know how to project in the room we have our classes in, without coming across as too loud. Lyman said I was a little fast, but everybody else (all my classmates) seemed to think that I was fine. And I was animated and knew what the hell I was talking about.

Now I just deal with Bob one last time, and the semester will pretty much be over.

I don't believe it.
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things I want to keep. I love that quote

"Our country right or wrong. When right, to be kept right; when wrong, to be
put right." - Carl Schurz

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My country. I am a liberal. I am also a patriot. People don't understand this combination. How can I love my country and still want to move to Canada?

Well, there's different kinds of love. I am disappointed in my country, I must confess. It's hard to sit here when it looks like the leaders of my country don't give a damn about the constitution. I don't like the selfishness that many of my fellow countrymen have. That is, "I got mine, Jack, screw you." It feels like people would rather have me out on the street caught in the mess that is untreated bipolar disorder rather than the (mostly) productive citizen I am now. I'm scared to death of losing my health insurance. I'd like to fix this mess, but I don't know how. And that makes me feel like I don't belong in my own country, which is a country I love. I can't hear 'America the Beautiful' without nearly crying.

There's a dream. It's not the reality.

Which is why I could be both an American and a Canadian. Canada feels more sensible to me, and that they care about their citizenry. Of course, there is the Alliance, can't have perfection.

So here I am, stuck in the States, and not sure whether it's worth the time and effort to fight.
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