May 13th, 2003

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the end of 206


here's a question from today's exam:

The Java socket is an interface between:
(a) the application and the network
(b) the transport layer and the physical layer
(c) the network layer and the data link layer
(d) the coffee pot and the utility grid

While the right answer is A, I love D for its sheer silliness.

It wasn't all that easy, but I finished it in the fastest time I've finished an exam ever in that class.

Anyway, time for some sleep and then writing the 208 paper again...this time remembering to *SAVE*. :P
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Just when you got used to the new bills.

for those who thought the twenty couldn't look any more like Monopoly money...

New $20

Look again.

And if you have Flash, you can get a virtual tour.

I mean, geez, can't they stick to *one* colour?

That said, I like Canadian bills.

[Edit: For those having troubles, here's what the current $20 looks like:

current $20

Yeah. And I thought *this* one was ugly.]
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