May 16th, 2003


[PocketLJ] fortunes

luns and i went out for chinese. we got fortune cookies.

mine said, "happiness is often a rebound from hard work."

his said, "your lover will be true to you."

methinks we got fortune cookies switched.
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dream, thoughtful, quiet

a thoughtful passage that I liked.

"I have seen the ebb and tide of human sexual morality over the eons, Keith. I have seen sex given as freely as a smile, and I've seen it guarded as if it were more precious than peace. I've known people who have been celibate for a billion years, and I've know others have had more than a million partners. I've seen sex between members of different species from the same world, and between those who evolved on different worlds. Some people I know have removed their genitals altogether to avoid the issue of sex. Others have become true hermaphrodites, capable of procreative sex with themselves. Others have switched genders -- I have a friend who changes from male to female every thousand years, like clockwork. There have been times when humans have embraced homosexuality, and heterosexuality, and incest, and multiple concurrent spouses, and prostitution, and bestiality, and sadomasochism, and there have been times when all of these have been abjured. I have seen marraige contracts with expiration dates, and I have seen marriages that last five billion years. And you, my friend, will live long enough to see all these things too. But through all of it, there is one constant for people of conscience, for people like you and me: if you hurt someone you care about, there is guilt."
--Glass, in Starplex, by Robert J. Sawyer.

(To know who Glass is, and who Keith is, and why Glass is talking about eons, well, you'll just have to read the book.)

And to that, I have to say amen.

Love is. :)
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sleepy, awww

(no subject)

This comic makes me laugh.

And I think I have an idea on how to proceed on requiem3, which makes me very happy.

but...first I will get some sleep tonight, even if it is only four hours.

And I will be in Davis at two today. w00t. and I at least have my clothes packed, if nothing else. The room is just going to have to wait, though.
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gravity, surreal

the world is ending! the world is ending! the world is...whoops, not ending.

Oh yeah.

For anybody who was following the whole Pole Shift Prepare saga, I am happy to note that it is is morning on Friday May 16, 2003. The world's not stopped spinning, there is no red cloud like blood, and the poles didn't shift.


I'm disappointed. I want my money back.

[Edit: Ah ha, our fearless website owner writes, in case you were wondering why the world didn't end:

Today of course marks the arrival of the provisional date given for the pole shift a few years back. By provisional, I mean the date at which people should be at their safe locations in anticipation of the monumental event ahead. The pole shift was scheduled to occur shortly after today, and definitely within the month of May. Looking out of my window today, you would not guess that a potential worldwide calamity was imminent! Nevertheless, I still urge people to stay vigilant and watch for any possible signs of rapid rotation slowing, which is predicted to take place in 48 hours, anytime in the next week.

Weasling, this is. %) ]
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on the road again...

Okay. I'm out of here.

I've got a bunch of comments in my journal set aside to respond to on the train, and an idea for how to proceed with Requiem 3, so I'll be busy on the train.

And I meant to mention the interesting chat with somebody whom...well, I guess "highly disliked" would describe. But it went really well. So to new hope. :)

See you all when I get online again.

Adventures in Public Transit

Well, I'm on BART heading for Richmond, with two more scrapes than I expected.

[Wow, they have a Thinkpad T40 now. That's okay, I like Macavity.]

Anyway, I thought my BART train was arriving, and the people behind me on the escalator were in a hurry. I thought my train was arriving despite knowing that my train left at 12:03. So...trying to exit an escalator in a hurry is a *bad* idea, especially when you've got 50 pounds of stuff in odd configurations. My Birks are loose (I really should tighten them)and I didn't quite gauge the off escalator point in a hurry, and you an probably guess what happened.

One shoe got caught on the edge of where the escalator edge is, and et voila, over I went. I suddenly stopped the people behind me who were in a hurry, because they saw me fall over. They kept asking if I was okay. And I am, I just bumped my right knee and right elbow, so the knee is slightly bruised and the elbow lost a bit of skin, but I didn't hit my head (even if I lost the ballcap in the fall), and I was honestly more worried about how Macavity had survived. But since I'm writing this on Macavity, I think you can see that the answer is pretty damn well.

Now I just need to check the Palm and the router, but I'm sure they're both okay. Palm wasn't in the pocket I landed on.

[Posting this in Martinez. Warchalking is fun.]
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