June 13th, 2003


neat things from Caltrans.

Caltrans Photolog

Caltrans took pictures of all the state routes. You'll prolly want a county map if you're not familiar with California county lines, and if you poke around on the java applet, you can get an idea of what the different state routes look like if you were to travel them. It was amusing seeing State Route 273 from my laptop. :)

Check it out.

Speaking of other cool things from Caltrans, these are all the webcameras in Caltrans District 2, which is basically northeastern California. I live near the Deschutes and Riverside Ave exits, but you're not going to see my house from there.

It's still pretty cool.
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minor thoughts at 4 AM...

So yeah, I went to see X2 today. It wasn't a bad movie. :)

But I got to thinking as I watched this movie that I identified fairly strongly with Rogue. I mean, granted, I don't have any cool mutant powers, but there's a poignant scene in X2 that got me thinking. And as I was watching, I realized that I still don't like to let people close to me. This includes the man that loves me (like Iceman loves Rogue, y'know?).

And I'm wondering if this is proof that I'm horribly broken, or just normal.

'Cause I think it's the former, but I have no way to compare.

More later, maybe.
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