June 21st, 2003

nemo, seagull, mine

It's mine, my precious, it's all mine...

After a year and a half of waiting...

There is one rather large hardback with a dark blue cover sitting in a bag on my bed. My kid sis drug me to Barnes and Noble so she could get a copy, so I picked up a second one. (The first one should be in tomorrow's mail, it'll prolly go right back out in the mail to Nova Scotia, along with book #4.)

I shouldn't have gotten as lucky as I did last night, because neither my sister or I had a pre-order, but we both got one. The Redding BN had 200 extra copies, and so they handed out tickets from 3250 to 3450. my sister had number 3366 and I had 3367, so we both got one. :)

So yeah, I'm going to be reading for the next day. And yeah, I'm 24 and a half years old and I confess to liking Harry Potter.

[PS: Oh yeah, I promise, no spoilers...]
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