June 29th, 2003

smilingkat, halifax, happy

a very happy katster... :)

I updated patster.

Go look, it's good news. :)

And feel free to add patster to your friends list, even if I don't remember to update that often.

[Edit 5 AM: Grr, links to patster fixed, shared journals are weird and are listed as users/journalname instead of community/username, so you have to use the <lj user> tag instead of <lj comm>. Ah well, fixed.]
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sleepy, awww


Yes. Sleep is on my agenda next. I really need to stop staying up until dawn, but tonight I was waiting on laundry, and it's been a miserable day moodwise. So sleep will probably help.

But I wanted to share this wonderful post from Daily Kos, a blog I read on a regular basis. It's about segregation, and how things have changed so much, and what that means in regard to recent Supreme Court decisions. It's really a good read. Check it out: What Are They Afraid Of?

Okay, off to bed with me. G'night, everyone.
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