July 8th, 2003

thugs, politics

new project

So...yeah, I've decided to get political elsewhere.

I'll still be using this journal for random observations on the passing scene, and I have a couple collaborators on the getting political.

You can find those observations at http://www.nukefreezone.net, or on LJ at nukefreezone. So far, I'm the only subscriber to the feed, so it's kinda expensive, but...feel free to check it out. :)

Warning now. Since the blog is on political topics, I'm a left-leaning Democrat, and I believe zibblsnrt and jrenken both lean slightly left too (and they're my main co-conspirators.) There'll be more than politics, of course, I'm into techonology, and I'd like to write more on just what it is I think I'm doing in grad school. But a lot of it will be on politics, and while I'm willing to listen to people who disagree with me, I ask that it be kept respectful.

So yeah. I'm a geek.
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